Welcome to DIY Website Builder!

Welcome to DIY Website Builder! This site is designed to deliver you with all of the resources you need to empower yourself with the knowledge and skills it takes to successfully create, build, maintain, run, and manage your own website, without paying someone else to do it for you! Yes! You can do it yourself! I know finding true, helpful information that is relevant to your goals is extremely difficult. I’ve spent countless hours researching and sorting through thousands of websites trying to learn how to build a website, create proper content, properly SEO, market, monetize, and yes, even the “simplest step”, finding domains and hosting for pages that will do exactly what I wanted them to do!

My strenuous effort to find this information and instruction now becomes your benefit! I am organizing it all into one convenient spot for you. Nowhere else have I seen a site with as much quality information about anything you need to know about building, developing, and watching your dream of become a triumphant webmaster as I plan to offer you here.

I know you must be asking yourself what drove me to do this for everyone. Logic would tell you that this would increase my competition for any website I may have! Let me tell you this… I am not a guru in web design… I claim no expertise! I’ve already mentioned that I’ve done countless hours of research into building websites! What possessed me to localize all of these resources into an easy to access database is not what you need to be asking yourself. What is relevant is why I did the research in the first place!

​My Story

What I’m about to tell you may not be the most glamorous motive… You may even despise me for it! To tell you the truth, it doesn’t make one difference to me, and honestly, my motives for my research shouldn’t prevent you from obtaining the precious assets you need to reach your online goals! Okay, I’ve gone on, beating around the bush about myself for a paragraph and a half now, and that is not what this site is about. I want this site to be your trusted, reliable, and easy to navigate library to do it yourself website production!


I’m going to be completely open here. I’m a simple guy who needs to keep occupied. I have been around computers my whole life, but even though I have above average knowledge and ability with them, websites were completely new to me. I’ve worked for many companies in the technical field, mainly in tech support positions, troubleshooting hardware, software, networking, billing, and you name it! Recently, I decided I didn’t want to work in a call center anymore and went to trade school for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning).

I graduated in the top of my class. With how easily I picked up the trade and my prior professional accomplishments, I was encouraged to follow a path into the digital controls part of the trade. Where did this land me? You guessed it, right back in a call center! The position requires assisting technicians out in the field build networks for energy management systems, troubleshoot wiring, and regulate remote access to the programs (essentially being a website and network administrator)!

With another position in a call center, I didn’t find myself aroused with my duty. I had access to programs that allowed me to modify the operations of the networks and sites, but my instruction was very minimal. Being on the nightshift had an advantage, time. Very few work orders and calls came in during the second half of my “daily grind”. Since I can drive myself senseless if I don’t keep myself engaged in something productive, I delved into all the resources I had available to me. I acquired proficiency in many areas of the occupation that my predecessors and “teammates” had not imagined at that time.

My Frustration

I wasn’t in my position for three months before I caught a significant amount of attention from the “higher ups” and the engineers in my company. Flaws in the programming and networking issues were being rectified at a rate that was unheard of! The overabundance of support required by the engineering department waded rapidly. I literally worked myself out of my inevitable promotion to engineer by eliminating the need for the additional resources.

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As I assisted in amending our procedures, products, and services, a quantitative amount of free time was further added into my occupational docket. Being hoodwinked out of my promotion (and the compensation associated) and uncollected about the quintessential dormancy that my job had become, I had to find a side project.

I pondered for months about what I could do to supplement my income and keep me busy. My hobby of topical inquisition was coming in handy. Every moment that I was not on a work order or call, I was researching various possibilities for my project. It eventually hit me… Building a website! I manage sites and programming all day! The thought of simply setting up a new site every few weeks and letting them all run on auto pilot to generate an income was fascinating to me. I had to figure out the fashion and praxis of contributing to the web in a competent tenor.

My Inspiration!

I entertained the ideas of micro niche sites, viral content sites, mini authority sites, web stores, content marketing, social marketing, domain flipping and anything else I was able to devise at the time. With every idea I came across, I found that I wouldn’t be able to contribute enough to make it worth my time. I just didn’t have enough knowledge on any one topic to generate a following. After almost pitching all of my research on the idea of an online project in the garbage, I became astonished with the volume of information I had procured throughout my study!

My calling had presented itself! With the material found online for website building, design, or even inspiration requiring an ample amount of time, devotion, sorting, I knew that aggregating my research into one, easy to navigate resource would be the only way that I could keep the information I have learned straight in my own head. Since I was going to put it all into one spot anyways, I decided I’d save everyone else the time of doing the same thing and create this website!

Future With DIY Website Builder

As I continue to educate myself on website building, I will add the information I find here for you to be able to access it easily! If there is information that you are wanting to find, please use the contact me page to let me know. I would be more than happy to look into it for you! I want to further my learning, as well as make it as simple as possible for EVERYONE to build and manage their own website. This will always be a work in progress, but I am very devoted to it.

Yet again, I hope to make it as painless as possible people of all skill levels to create a do it yourself website. I welcome all feedback. Please contact me with any questions, comments or concerns about my page. If it is not the easiest way to find information on webpages, let me know what I can do to make it better. Remember, this is for you and everyone else looking to do the same thing! I hope I can reach my goal of creating the best resource for creating websites!

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