Recap – The Outstanding ViralChat from 9/4/2015

DIY Website Builder - #ViralChat-9-3-15

#ViralChat The #ViralChat from 9/3/2015 was an interesting session to say the least. This week’s topic was regarding Twitter and how to optimize your following and tweets. There were a lot of great questions ask, and they were responded to with great answers. Unfortunately, I was unable to participate in the entire event due to […]

Top Responses From #ViralChat – 8/20/2015

DIY Website Builder - #ViralChat 8/20/15

#ViralChat #ViralChat is a great event that happens on every Thursday evening at 9pm EST on Twitter.  This event is basically a Twitter-wide chat using the hashtag #ViralChat.  The user @ViralChat posts a question every few minutes throughout the session, and social marketers, content marketers, advertisers, entrepreneurs, and business people of all types will respond […]