Simple And Effective, But Often Overlooked On Page SEO

DIY Website Builder - On Page SEO That You Can't Forget!

Often Overlooked Powerful On Page SEO Techniques And Tips A lot of SEO focus nowadays seems to be on off page techniques. A lot of people will hire an expensive search engine optimization company to create backlinks, social media pages, and advertisements. When your website is not optimized, it doesn’t matter what you do off […]

Keyword and Domain Name Tool

DIY Website Builder - Keyword and Domain Name Tool

Amazing Keyword and Domain Research Tool In a previous article, I went into some small detail regard the importance of keywords.  To recap, keywords are what internet user enter into search queries and find your website with.  They are used to identify what your website, article or other site content is about.  Your domain should […]

Benefits Of Social Media Optimization

DIY Website Builder - Benefits of Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization Can Benefit You Greatly More and more people use sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon every day.  If you look at the amount of total accounts across all social media platforms, the number is in the multi-billions!  That’s a lot of traffic coming in to each of those […]

Content Curation

DIY Website Builder - Content Curation

Content Curation – Your Powerful Content Resource Content curation is the act of finding content, summarizing it, reviewing it, and placing it on your website.   Have you ever seen articles that have quotes and links to other websites?  This is a form of curation!   Morality and Copyrights I have discussed content curation with quite […]