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The content on your website is very important.  It is what your visitors will be viewing throughout there session.  In order to keep your visitors coming back, it you should be sure that your website contains engaging, interesting, informative content.  Give them a reason to stick around and view more pages.  The majority of your content should be relevant to your site’s niche, but it is alright to have the occasional off topic post, as long as it will be of your audience’s interest.  Remember, you want to give some personality to your site.



What do I mean when I say personality?  Let your visitors know that you are not just some page that they are visiting because they found it on a search engine.  Use your own writing style, and let them know who YOU are.  Take a look at my homepage for example.  I let you know my background and why I am creating this website.  I not only do this in attempt to gain trust with my readers, but I do hope to try to gain some sort of relationship with them and offer my advice or opinions.  I encourage readers to contact me with any comments or questions they may have.


While writing this specific page, it’s difficult for me to explain why you would want to do this without sounding like my own is fake, but I ensure you that I am genuine in everything I write.  If you are true to yourself in your writing and other content, it should show up without trying.  This is the true personality that your website should have.  Your personality.  As I mentioned, I want to build trusting relationships with my visitors.  As these relationships are developed, I hope this will keep people coming back.


Fresh Content

Not only do you want personality in your content, but you should also offer fresh, new content on a consistent basis.  Let’s face it, if you don’t update your website for months at a time, what is going to keep your visitors coming back?  No matter how much you already have on your site, people will find what they want very quickly.  When you are regularly putting out new information or resources, this will be seen, and people will check back later to see what you have introduced.

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What type of content can you put on your site?  Almost anything that you can add is content.  Whether it be articles, reviews, pictures, videos, or what have you, this is all content.  I know my page is mostly in a written format, but this is where I feel I can contribute the best.  I do intend on offering other formats such as videos, slideshows, and images as I continue with my site.  You should definitely have a good mix yourself if at all possible.  Different types of people have different preferences on what they like to look at on a website.


Regular new content for your page can be difficult at times, even if you consider yourself an expert in your niche.  This is another reason why different formats can be of use to you.  Say you find that you are losing out on a particular audience, re-introducing existing content in a new format may entice that part of your user base to give you another chance, as for example, they may be more prone to watching a video compared to reading.


This does not mean redo all of your website in different formats.  This would be boring for you and your visitors.  How else can you find fresh new content to keep your user base engaged?  In this section of my website, I hope to go into more detail of different methods you can use to keep your website flourishing.  There are plenty of resources that you can use to get ideas to get past those writer’s blocks that you will find yourself in from time to time.  Let’s works together and keep those sites growing!  Welcome to the DIY Website Builder community!  =)

Content Articles

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