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Everyone knows that if you create a breath taking website that it is still worthless without traffic.  If no one sees your website, you can’t make get your information to the public, your brand is not seen online, and you can’t make any money with your advertisements, products, or services.


When people think about getting traffic to their website, the first thing that typically comes to mind is search engine optimization (SEO).  Yes, website optimization for search engines is a necessity to help get your site out to the online community, but it won’t bring in your few potential audience!  How else can you ensure that your online marketing efforts are being executed effectively without wasting your whole day on SEO services?  You need to learn how to promote your website!


Promote Your Website

When I talk about website promotion, I’m not referring to URL submissions to search engines or traffic exchange programs.  I’m talking about true ways to advertise your business!  Internet marketing changes all the time, so it is important to keep up to date with the online advertising trends.


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There are always going to be traditional pay per click (CPC) and pay per impression (CPM) search engine advertising techniques.  There are always going to be free internet advertising methods as well.  You can also pay others to promote your website.  If you are dedicated to learn the best way to advertise online, you will find that you’re required to combine many methods to optimize your website promotion.


Trial And Error

This of course means that you need to find out all of the possibilities and initiate the trial and error with some test campaigns.  Pay attention and maintain website traffic analysis.  Find out which methods increase traffic to your website at what costs.  Traffic quality is important to acknowledge as well.  The goal is targeted website traffic.  If you find that the bounce rate for that traffic is high, it’s time to alter your online marketing plan.


Many Promotion Strategies!

Throughout this section of the website, I plan on detailing multiple methods to promote your website and generate traffic.  As always, if you know of something that I have not covered or have questions over something I’ve written about, please contact me so I can either research it and publish something on it or clarify any concerns.


Promotion Articles

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