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DIY Website Builder Toolbox

As a webmaster, we all have a set of tools we use.  This page is intended to let you know what tools DIY Website Builder keeps in its toolbox.  The tools used on this website are to make development, management, SEO, and monetization easier and more efficient.  As I try to write articles over all of the tools that are used here, the first link for each item in this list will be to the article/review that has already been written, allowing for more detail to be found.  The second link for that item will be to where you can acquire said tool.  Some of the tools used may be purchasable, so I think it is only fair for me to give the disclaimer that there are affiliate links.  If there are any tools listed here that I have not written about yet, they are on my list for upcoming articles.  As more items are added to the DIY Website Builder toolbox, this page will be updated.  I’m sure you will find many items listed to be very useful, and you are encouraged to check them out!  Be sure to check back every once in a while to see what else is new!  The list will be in alphabetical order.


Add Meta Tags

A very easy to use and powerful WordPress plugin which allows for simple Meta Tag inclusion and modification, even if you don’t know HTML.  Great for SEO efforts!  Get Add Meta Tags.



This plugin will allow you to filter out spam from your comments section for your articles.  You would be amazed on how much spam can be placed into your comments, and this will allow you to filter them out and remove them before they ever show you your page.  Get Akismet.



This plugin made by WordPress themselves is how the DIY Website Builder Forum was created!  This tool has a slight learning curve to it, so you may want to check our article out on it to avoid some of the the confusion that was found here.  Download bbPress.


Breadcrumb NavXT

Ever wonder how to get those neat page paths (domain>example>page)?  This lovely plugin sets them up automatically for you!  Get Beadcumb NavXT.


Contact Form 7

Need to create a contact form for your visitors to get in touch with you?  It couldn’t be simpler than with Contact Form 7.



This must use tool allows you to quickly find articles with great information from multiple sources.  You are highly encouraged to try this out, because with the integrated post builder, you can create amazing content quickly and post it to many different platforms from one spot!  This comes with a free trial, so there is no reason not to give it a spin.  Download CurationSoft!



Social Commenting Platform which allows you to gain more exposure through your own and your visitors comments!  Go Disqus!


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Google AdSense

Make money with your website by showing ads on your page.  Very simple to implement and use.  Checkout Google AdSense.


Google Analytics

I haven’t had a chance to write anything on this yet, but I will definitely be getting to it soon!  This is a great tool to be able to see where your traffic is coming from, how much traffic, what pages are visited, and even more!  Check out Google Analytics.



This is a great tool that DIY Website Builder uses to manage social media platforms.  This tool saves time and resources by allowing all the social media platforms on one page.  Try out Hootsuite here!



One of DIY Website Builder’s favorite monetization toolsInfolinks allows you to place and format many types of ads in many locations.  It even has a referral program.  This resource is definitely one of the best passive revenue generators Check out Infolinks here!


Long Tail Pro

Amazing resource to assist with keyword research.  This will generate long tail keywords, allowing you to create rich content that will help you get more search engine exposure.  This tool also incorporates a feature to allow you to find exact match domains that are available.  Some people use this to find great domain flipping opportunities.  With a free trial, you can’t go wrong!  Download Long Tail Pro.



MailChimp is a great tool to manage your mailing lists.  Create custom forms, integrate to social platforms, and automate your campaignsCheck out MailChimp.



Quickly setup your copyright notice, disclaimers, terms and conditions, and privacy policy.  This plugin also allows you to manage your ad placement and analytics code!  Find WP-Insert here.



I’m sure DIY Website Builder will be adding more tools to it’s toolbox as time goes forward, and this list will definitely be updated.  Do you use any tools not listed here?  Leave a comment!

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